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The benefits of our solution
No physical contact

No physical contact

No wearable sensor.
No images

No images

Respect of privacy.
Contactless monitoring

Contactless monitoring

Of cardiac and respiratory data


The MORPHEE+ device is the only fall detection system that :
- protects people’s privacy through the absence of image capture,
- solves the problem of forgetting and rejecting mounted sensors: Morphée+ works without any mounted sensors.

The MORPHEE+ device :
- alert caregivers or carers within minutes of falls and worrisome health parameters.
- allows people to stay at home longer and safer,
- notifies about the negative effects of certain treatments,
- reduces care costs by anticipating the onset or worsening of diseases,
- reduces housing costs by automating a part of health data recording, which is currently done manually by caregivers,
- reduces the medical and financial consequences of falls by providing early warning to caregivers or emergency responders.

Nursing homes

500,000 falls per year, 75% of which take place in nursing homes. Reducing the medical and human consequences of falling by preserving the privacy of the resident and caregivers is possible thanks to MORPHEE+.

Home care

MORPHEE+ provides reassurance, security and monitoring to the patient in the setting of home care while preserving their privacy.

At home

Postponing the move to a nursing home by providing actimetry, cardiac and respiratory monitoring to the elderly person while respecting their privacy: that is what MORPHEE+ offers you.


The security with respect of the person’s privacy: MORPHEE+ will make it possible. Without a wearable sensor, MORPHEE+ sends an alert in case of a fall or physiological abnormality to relatives, caregivers or.


SATT Paris Saclay


DYNAMISING INNOVATION : The aim of the SATT is to promote research and support the transfer of technologies and know-how from the laboratories of the University of Paris-Saclay to companies. In this way, it promotes the dynamization of innovation in order to develop economic wealth and jobs in the region.
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SATT Paris Saclay


ONERA is a public institution created in 1946 and placed under the supervision of the Ministry of Defence. It is today the leading French player in aeronautical, space and defence research with 25% of the national research effort. Multidisciplinary organisation with unique experimental resources in Europe, it puts its skills at the service of program agencies, institutions, major industrialists and SMEs.
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SATT Paris Saclay


Innovative IT solutions to meet the expectations of local authorities, Medical and social institutions and services, groups and companies.
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Experience :
  • External expert in social and medico-social institutions - AFNOR certification
  • Executive Director CERIG - specialist for social and medico-social institutions and services
Educational background :
  • Master 2 Business Manager (IFAG - Paris)


Experience :
  • Head of Electromagnetism Research Team
  • Project Manager "Civil Radar Applications"
Educational background :
  • Electronics Engineer (ISEP - Paris) PhD in frequency metrology